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         HeadValentina M.Danilova, Cand.Sc. (Biol.)

Tel.: (044) 234 13 45; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In accordance with the resolution of the Bureau of Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukr.SSR of October 16, 1979, «On Approval of the Standard Proposition about the Department of Scientific and Technical Information of Scientific-Research Institutions of AS Ukr.SSR» the Department of Scientific-and-Technical Information (DSTI) was created at the Institute of Biochemistry in January 1980. The Department was headed by Evhenia K. Vovnyanko, Cand. Sc. (Вiol.). In 1983-1998 the Department was headed by Volodymyr I. Nazarenko, Cand. Sc (Biol.); in 1998-2002 it was headed by Mykola T. Parkhomenko, Cand. Sc. (Biol.); and since 2002 the Department has been headed by V.M. Danilova.

Nowadays DSTI includes the following sections: group of scientific and technical information; sector in the problems of transfer of technologies, innovation activity and intellectual property; Editorial Office of Ukrainsky Biokhimichny Zhurnal, (now The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal), Editorial Office of the journal Bioteknnolkgia (now Biotechnologia Acta); Scientific library; Memorial museum of O.V. Palladin; Specialized Scientific Council D26.240.01.

The number of employees at the Department – 21, including: 2 Drs Sc. (Biol.), 8 Cand. Sc. (Biol.), 2 junior scientific workers without a degree, 9 engineers.

                                                 The Most Significant Results for 2010-2015

The Department takes part:

  • in information support of the work of employees, management and services of the Institute meeting their requirement with the help of the local computer network and Internet;
  • in supporting of websites: Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal and journal Biotechnologia Acta;
  • in propagation of scientific and technical achievements of the Institute by materials presentation to expositions at exhibitions, conferences, symposia, etc.;
  • in creation of the electron catalogue of printed production kept in the Library;
  • the Department employees compose by computer and make-up the both journals, edit and translate into English certain papers and summaries, presented to journals both in the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages
  • in performing scientific and research works according to the Department scientific subjects.

Sector of the Patent-License Investigations was created at the Institute in 1980, it became a part of the Department in 1993, and in 2008 it was reorganized and renamed into the Sector in the Problems of Transfer of Technologies, Innovation Activity and Intellectual Property. From 1993 to July 2012 the Sector was headed by O.P. Kozulina, Cand.Sc. (Biol.). Since July 2012 it has been headed by G.F. Lugovska, Cand.Sc. (Chem.).

The basic tasks of the Sector are as follows:

  • performance and organization of researches aimed at revealing the objects of the right of intellectual property (OIP), provision of acquisition of property rights and protection documents for inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes, trade brands for commodities and services, scientific discoveries, commercial secrets, which are created at the Institute; timely maintenance of their validity and getting registered in the account book;
  • implementation of patent-license investigations of scientific, scientific-applied, and purposeful themes and compiling the corresponding reports; performance and organization of marketing, patent-conjuncture investigations;
  • participation in negotiations on making the license agreements concerning the use of OIP and results of the Institute researches and participation in preparation of agreement drafts on confidentiality, license agreements, agreements on transfer of technologies, on joint activity, scientific and production cooperation.

The total number of applications for inventions and useful models during 2010-2015 was 28;

Including 1 international application PCT and 1 application to patent office of the USA and

4 applications for the trademark certificates for commodities and services (Biotechnologia Acta, ENERGOVITAM, OKOVITAM, HELIKOTESTER);

The number of obtained protection documents for inventions and useful models – 35

(including 4 in Chinese People’ Republic (ChPR), 3 of them in co-ownership with the Institute

of Biology of Shandon Academy of Sciences of ChPR; 2 trademark certificates for

commodities and services (Zdorovya-Videin, Biotechnologia Acta).

The Sector performs work on the search for potential enterprises-producers for the Institute elaborations, executes legal accompanying of license activity of the Institute. The following License agreements for the Institute OIP were used for the period of 2010-2015:  

  • License agreement on the use of the trademark for commodities and services MEDIСHRONAL for the invention Method of Production of Antialcohol Preparation MEDICHRONAL (firm-licensee CSC Pharmaceutical firm Darnytsya, validity period from 04.10.00 to 16.12.21).
  • License agreement on grant of an exclusive license on using the right objects of intellectual property for 5 developments of N-acetylethanolamines (firm-licensee   – OSC «Farmak», the city of Kyiv, validity period from 28.12.2009 to 31.12.2023).
  • License agreement on grant of the exclusive license for using the invention Drug for Increasing Organism Vitality, trademark MENOVITAN (firm-licensee Private company Tekhnolog, the town of Uman, validity period from 05.06.2012 to 17.07.2018).
  • Foundation agreement with Corporation Scientific park Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University has been made, and according to License Agreement non-exclusive property rights for the use of the useful model Method of Plasminogen Detection in the Blood Plasma were transferred as non-active resource to the University Statute fund.

Ukrainskybiokhimichnyzhurnal(since 2014 р. – TheUkrainianBiochemicalJournal)was founded in 1926 in Kharkiv by Academician O.V. Palladin as Scientific Records of the Ukrainian Biochemical Institute; The Editorial Board of the journal was incorporated in DSTI in 2013. Executive secretary till 2012 was A.P. Demyanenko, Cand.Sc. (Biol.), since early 2012 M.V. Grigorieva, Cand.Sc. (Biol.). Within the reporting period (2010-2015) 36 issues of the journal have been published. The total volume of materials printed in the journal was 2 000 conventional printed sheets, that exceeds considerably the projected one. The journal is abstracted or indexed in Pubmed, IndexMedicus, CurrentContents, ScienceCitationIndex, Dzherelo, and other databases. Electron version is sited on portals of Elsevier, EBSCO. A separate site of the journal has been created.

           Journal Biotekhnologia (BiotechnologiaActa) was founded in 2006 as a part of DSTI; it has been regularly issued since 2008. Executive secretary is A.S. Vinogradova. Within the reporting period (2010-2015) 34 issues of the journal have been published. The total volume of materials printed in the journal was 2 000 conventional printed sheets. The journal is represented in such databases as PresPoint (Cambridge), EBSCO(USA), Cornell University Albert R. Mann Library (USA), Chemical Abstracts Service (USA), RINC (Russian Federation), «Ciberleninka» (Russian Federation). A separate site of the journal: has been created.

Scientificlibrary (HeadV.V. Redina) was founded by O.V. Palladin in 1925 as the Library of the Ukrainian Biochemical Institute of People’s Commissariat of Education of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republicin Kharkiv. It was incorporated in the DSTI in 1933. The book stock of the Library is replenished regularly, and now it is 80 000 titles, 34 000 of them are in foreign languages, the library personnel perform informational-bibliographic work, procure the stock, inform the Institute employees about new acquisitions. The electron versions of catalogues of all the library funds have been formed at the Library in the recent years. Within the reporting period (2010-2015) over 12 000 of titles of the printed production kept in the Library have been entered into electron catalogue.

Memorial Museum of O.V. Palladin (curator V.I. Nazarenko, Cand. Sc. (Biol.)) was created in 1973 in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers of Ukr.SSR; in 1993 it was incorporated in DSTI. The Museum exhibits elucidate the course of Life, scientific, scientific-organizational, pedagogical and public activities of Academician O.V. Palladin, the Institute founder, and the school of functional biochemistry, known all over the world. Being the affiliation of the State Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv, the Memorial Museum of O.V. Palladin is in fact a centre of propaganda and study of the history of biochemical science in Ukraine. The Museum carries out a systematic searching work in the history of the Institute of Biochemistry, investigation of development of its scientific trends, performs excursions, etc.  

Specialized Scientific Council D 26.240.01has been working at the Institute since 1963 (O.V. Kirsenko, Cand.Sc. (Biology) was a Scientific Secretary till 01.09.2012, since 01.03.2013 N.P. Karlova, Cand.Sc. (Biology). The specialized council accepts for defense the theses in two specialities: 03.00.04 – biochemistry and 03.00.20 biotechnology.Within the period of 2010-2015 55 meetings of the special council were hold; 8 theses for the Doctor’s degree and 40 for the Candidate’s degree have been successfully defended.

Exhibition Activity in 2010-2015

The Department took active part in preparation and presentation of the Institute elaborations in above 20 general state, international and departmental exhibition actions, in particular:

  • Science to Industry 2010, 2011, 2012; 2013, 2014, 2015;
  • Picturesque Ukraine 2010, 2011, 2012; 2013;
  • International specialized exhibition High Technologies – 2010, 2011, 2012; 2013, 2014, 2015;
  • Jubilee exhibition of scientific and technical elaborations dedicated to the 95th anniversary of NAS of Ukraine 2013;
  • Medical Laboratory and Innovations in Medicine 2010;
  • International Trade-Club in Ukraine 2011;
  • Medical Laboratory – 2011;
  • International exhibition of health care MEDICEXPO – 2015;
  • Exhibition-presentation of scientific and technical institutions of NAS of Ukraine.

For active participation in the exhibition activities the O.V. Palladin Institute of Biochemistry was awarded numerous PRIZES and DIPLOMATA.

Scientificresearch work of the Department in 2010-2015 was directed to investigations in the fields of the history-and-science and bibliography concerning the development of the home biological chemistry aimed at the search and analysis of information on achievements of Ukrainian scientistslaureates of the O.V. Palladin Prize in the context of revealing and generalization of regularities and tendencies of development of physico-chemical biology in Ukraine, as well as in analysis of achievements of scientists of the O.V. Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of NAS of Ukraine in the inventive activity, prediction of priority trends of this activity and promising innovations.