Council of young scientists

In the Institute. Palladin NAS of Ukraine 1998 restored work of the Council of young scientists (RMN), which includes the Institute, under 35 and students and graduate interns who perform their work at the Institute. Today the chairman of the board - PhD DS Korolev, Vice - VO Chernyshenko, the Secretary - LA Kasatkina The Council aims to integrate scientific work of young scientists. Council members participate in academic seminars, which address actual problems of modern biochemistry and biotechnology. Topics of the seminars can be found on the advertisement on the website of the Institute.

The Institute of Biochemistry has become a tradition to hold annual conference of young scientists under the title "Actual problems of biochemistry and biotechnology." The materials of these conferences anyone can learn the Ukrainian biochemical journal.

The conference involved young scientists from various institutes of biological profile, as well as students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine. It should be noted that every year the level of the presented works is growing and expanding geography of participants demonstrates the interest of young scientists in participating in the Conference.

To assess the works created by the tender committee, composed of leading scientists, biochemists different Institutes of NAS of Ukraine. According to the results of secret voting determined the winner. Participants whose works aroused the greatest interest of the audience, and the winners receive diplomas and cash prizes. Manuscripts works contenders are generally published in expanded form in the "Ukrainian Biochemical Journal".

Conferences and scientific seminars allows young scientists, graduate students, teachers, senior students to share with their colleagues views on the main directions of development of biochemical studies and research on their own, establish new zv''yazky and thus raise the level of their scientific work. Therefore, we welcome all young scientists to take part in future competitions that will take place in our Institute. Please look for our advertisement to conduct these conferences.