Ukrainian Biochemical Society - Ukrainian voluntary, self-governing public scientific organization of scientists, teachers, students and other specialists in biochemistry, created to meet the public interest of its members in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology and related areas of science, education, medicine agriculture, food and light industry and so on. The main objective of the Society - an association of scientists for the development of biochemistry and related sciences, to protect their professional interests, mutual co-ordination of research and exchange of experience between scientists.
Based on the initiative of academician OV Palladin in July 1928 as Ukrainian Physiological Society. Later it was renamed the Ukrainian Society of physiologists, biochemists and pharmacologists. Of which in 1959 formed three independent Ukrainian society: physiological, biochemical and pharmacological. Unchanged chairman (president) joint company, and from 1959 - Ukrainian Biochemical Society in his life was Academician O. Palladin. After 1972 UBS presidents were academics: RV Chagovets (1973-1976 gg.), MF Guly (1976-1987 gg.), VK Liška (1987-1990 gg.) DO Melnychuk (1992-1999 gg.), SV Komisarenko (from 1999 - present). In 1990-1992. President of the Ukrainian Biochemical Society performed prof. MD Kursk.
The governing bodies of the Company are: the Congress, the Central Council, the Bureau and the Audit Committee. Key activities and significant event in the life of UBS is holding the Congress of the Society, which summarizes the activities of its members, some laboratories, regional offices for fundamental and applied biochemical topics. The congress reviewed the state of research and achieve national biochemistry and defined perspective directions of its development, with the main objectives for the coming years. Today, the company held 10 congresses. And - in 1965 in Chernivtsi, the second - in Kiev (1971), the third - Donetsk (1977.), IV - in Dnipropetrovsk (1982.), V - Ivano-Frankivsk (1987) VI - Kiev (1992.), VII - as in Kiev (1997.), VIII - in Chernivtsi (2002.), IX - in Kharkiv, the last X Ukrainian Biochemical Congress was held in 2010 in Odesii.
UBS is the executive body of the Central Council, which carries out general management of the Company. At the last X Congress elected the Central Council of 50 people. Executive body that current management is Presidium, which consists of the president, vice president, scientific secretary (appointed by the President) and other members of the Bureau, elected by the Central Council. The structure of the current Presidium includes:
1. The Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Komisarenko SV (President)2. Ukraine Academician DO Melnychuk (Vice President)3. Academy of Sciences of Ukraine GV Yale (Vice President)4. member. NAS of Ukraine Kosterin SA (Vice President)5. Professor Matyshevska AP (Scientific Secretary)6. PhD Borisova TA (Secretary for International Relations)7. member. NAS of Ukraine Gula NM8. Professor Kaliman PA9. Professor Kursk MD10. Professor VI Lushchak11. Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine Malyuta SS12. Professor LI Ostapchenko13. Professor Persky EE14. member. Sibirny AA15. member. NAS of Ukraine Rack RS16. Member kor.NAN Ukraine Tukalo MA17. Dr. DV Kolibo18. Professor AV Zaporozhchenko
For significant contribution to the development of biochemical science in Ukraine and academic training at the X Congress of Ukrainian biochemical (c. Odessa, 2010) Honorary members of the Society were elected:
S.Andronati Academician, prof. V.Totskyy and prof. T.Palladina (Ukraine), RAS V.Tkachuk (Russia), prof. Y.Baranska and prof. A.Dzhuhay(Poland), prof. K.Rayevskyy (Germany), prof. A.Chyhanover (Israel), prof. Dzh.Votson (USA) and prof. M.Hryunberh-Manado (France).

Ukrainian Biochemical Society unites 20 regional offices: Kiev (Head - prof. Great NN), Crimean (head - prof. Efetov KO), Donetsk (head - prof. Borzenko BG), Lviv ( Chairman - Corr. NAS Rack RS), Vinnitsa (head - prof. Lutsyuk MB), Chernivtsi (head - prof. Marchenko MM), Dnipropetrovsk (Head - d.b.n . Shtemenko NI, Dnipropetrovsk 2 - Chairman - Dr. Brazaluk O.Z ..), Transcarpathian (head - prof. Fabry ZI), Poltava (head - prof. Tarasenko L. ), Chernigov (head - prof. Yavonenko AF), Ternopil (Chairman - MD Honskyy YI), Ivano-Frankivsk (head - prof. Klimenko SA), Krivoy Rog ( Chairman - Dr. Grishko VM), Kharkiv (head - prof. Persky EE), Luhansk (Chairman - Komaryevtseva IA), Odessa (Head - prof. Levitsky AP ), Zaporozhye (Chairman - Yakushev VS), Belotserkovskii (head - prof. Kononskyy OI) and Belarusian (Chairman -A.H.Moyseyenok).
From 1994 UBS is a member of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) and an associate member of the International (World) Union biochemistry and molecular biology (IUBMB). UBS has extensive experience in international scientific forums and thematic conferences, symposia, schools. According to the agreement between the Ukrainian and Polish Biochemical Society regularly held joint scientific conferences, including the International Conference on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology them. Ya .. Last Parnassus 7th Parnasivs-ka conference was held in 2009 in c. Yalta (Ukraine).
The basic institution of the Ukrainian Biochemical Society is Institute of Biochemistry. OV Palladin NAS Ukraine, employing permanent workshops:
1. Scientific-theoretical seminar on actual problems of Biochemistry Institute of Biochemistry and Ukrainian Biochemical Society - supervisor member. NAS of Ukraine, Professor Kosterin S.O .;
2. Lecture for young scientists "Selected issues of modern biochemistry" - supervisor member. NAS of Ukraine, Professor Kosterin S.O .;
3. At the initiative of academician S.V.Komisarenka, under the auspices of the Interagency Coordinating Scientific Council of NAS and AMS of Ukraine of the fundamental problems of medicine and with the participation of Kyiv offices Ukrainian Biochemical Society, molecular biological Ukrainian society and Ukrainian society pathophysiologists started work interagency scientific seminar "Molecular medicine ". At the regular meetings of the seminar deals with topical issues of modern life sciences and their contribution to the development of molecular medicine - Large supervisor Professor MM
In the Memorial Museum A. Palladin (at the Institute of Biochemistry) continuously conducted surveillance, cognitive, educational thematic tours of the historical heritage and the development of biochemistry in Ukraine and Ukrainian biochemical society, includingunder the auspices of the Youth section of Ukrainian biochemical society runs university young biochemists permanent lectures on "the forefront of Biology" and seminars. University rectors have Academician SV Komisarenko, executive secretary - PhD VI Nazarenko.
For any questions related to the activities of Ukrainian biochemical society, can be accessed at: 01601, m. Kyiv-30, st. Leontovich, 9, Institute of Biochemistry. OV Palladin NAS of Ukraine, Scientific Secretary Prof. UBS. Matyshevskiy Olga Pavlovna (or assistant scientific secretary Dr. D. Anna V. - tel. (044) -234-10-53; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU ) 9 Leontovicha Street, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine Phone: + (380-44) 2245974; Fax: + (380-44) 2296365; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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