Dear Colleagues,

As you know, April 30, finished registration of the X-th anniversary Ukrainian Biochemical Congress, which will be held 13 - September 17, 2010 in Odessa and the memory of the prominent scholar and national public figure, founder of Ukrainian Biochemical and school founder Neurochemistry as modern science, UBS and founder of the Ukrainian biochemical journal Academician Aleksandr Vladimirovich Palladin 125 anniversary of the birth of the scientific community which Ukraine will commemorate September 9, 2010, however, to involve the Congress as many scientists - biochemists and specialists in related fields of biology, management Ukrainian Biochemical Society decided to extend the registration of participants of the Congress and submit abstracts until May 15.

Of course, this extension will create some difficulties in the timely preparation of materials and its Congress
scientific program "for publication", but we go on this because we believe that only with the active participation of wide circles of the Ukrainian biochemist, science youth in the congress, he really will be at a high scientific and organizational level.
Other key dates - the last of organizational maturity assessments (30 June) and day of arrival of participants and opening of the Congress (September 13) - remain the same!
Reminder e-mails of WEB-sites where you can register to participate in the congress, to create and send abstracts electronically: (via the website of the Institute of Biochemistry im.O.V.Palladina NAS)
and or (site purely X-th Ukrainian Biochemical Congress).

So welcome to participate in the X-th Ukrainian Biochemical Congress!
Please explain the description of their colleagues.
Yours, Sincerely - Vice President of UBS, a member of the CDF. NASU, Professor S. Kosterin.