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FEBS Newsletter Mar 2019 – Spring Round-up

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FEBS Fellowships for short research visits: apply now

Explore the three types of Fellowships FEBS offers to support visits for up to 3 months for research work at a lab in a different country in the FEBS area:
Short-Term Fellowships – for postdocs and advanced PhD students
Summer Fellowships – for pre-doctoral students. Apply by 1 April.
Collaborative Developmental Scholarships – for PhD students from certain countries


FEBS Fellowships




Now is the time to submit your abstract to the 2019 FEBS Congress in Krakow!

The deadline to submit abstracts for consideration for oral presentations, bursaries and inclusion in the FEBS Open Bio Congress supplement is 7 March 2019. Come and present your work at this inspiring international gathering!

All about abstract submission


Congratulations to Sara Linse, winner of the 2019 FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award

Prof. Linse will be presented with the award at the 2019 FEBS Congress, where she will join the plenary speaker line-up with her talk 'On the mechanism of amyloid β aggregation and the role of inhibitors'.


Explore the rich Congress programme 

In the city that is home to one of the oldest European universities, deepen your learning across the molecular life sciences with a choice of 40 research symposia, and expand your horizons with sessions on extra topics such as education, 'science and society' and  'art and science'.

Recent Special Issues from FEBS Press journals

Find insightful reviews from experts in these recent thematic collections 
from The FEBS Journal, FEBS Letters and Molecular Oncology




ER stress and disease


Non-coding RNAs





Exo- and endocytosis

Cancer mission


FEBS Advanced Courses 2019
Registration is open for the events below:

FEBS Advanced Lecture Courses
Molecular organization, function and dynamics of biomembranes
  Cargèse, France | June 10–20, 2019
Europhosphatase 2019: from molecular mechanisms to system-wide responses
  Debrecen, Hungary | June 11–16, 2019
Biological surfaces and interfaces: the mechanistic view
  Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain | June 30 – July 5, 2019
Advanced proteomics
  Varna, Italy | July 28 – August 3, 2019
Molecular mechanisms in signal transduction and cancer
  Spetses Island, Greece | August 16–24, 2019
Epigenomics, nuclear receptors and disease
  Spetses Island, Greece | August 25–30, 2019
Biochemistry of membrane proteins – structure, trafficking, regulation
  Budapest, Hungary | August 25–30, 2019
Oncometabolism: from conceptual knowledge to clinical applications
  Luso, Portugal | September 1–6, 2019
Biosystem design: computational and experimental approaches
Spetses Island, Greece | September 29 – October 7, 2019

FEBS Practical Courses
Functional imaging of nuclear organisation and signaling
  Amsterdam, The Netherlands | June 9–15, 2019
Biomolecules in action II
  Hamburg, Germany | June 23–28, 2019

FEBS Special Meeting
Sphingolipid biology: sphingolipids in physiology and pathology
  Cascais, Portugal | May 6–10, 2019

FEBS Workshop
Ageing and regeneration
  Innsbruck, Austria | September 9–12, 2019

Joint FEBS/EMBO Lecture Courses
Molecular mechanisms of tissue injury, repair and fibrosis
  Spetses Island, Greece | May 23–31, 2019
Venice summer school 2019: mechanisms in development and evolution
  Venice, Italy | August 26–30, 2019
The new microbiology
  Spetses Island, Greece | September 4–12, 2019
The Hydra XIV European summer school on stem cell biology and regenerative medicine
  Hydra, Greece | September 15–22, 2019
Mitochondria in life, death and disease
  Herceg Novi, Montenegro | September 24–28, 2019

Images at the top of this section are from the 2019 FEBS Advanced Courses 'Biochemistry of membrane proteins – structure, trafficking, regulation', 'Advanced proteomics' and 'Oncometabolism: from conceptual knowledge to clinical applications'.

More FEBS Advanced Courses 2019


FEBS Network

Explore the FEBS Network! Recent posts include:

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