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Dear Friends of IUBMB,
A major mission of the IUBMB is to provide research and education opportunities for the next generation of biochemists and molecular biologists, especially for trainees in areas with limited resources.

The Wood Whelan Fellowships provide funds for students and postdoctoral fellows to travel to a lab in a different country to advance their training and is one of our most popular programs.  We have supported over 350 fellows from Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania/Asia since 1983. For many awardees, this opportunity was a key stepping stone in their path to successful career in biochemistry and molecular biology. We have been highlighting past awardees on our Wood Whelan Wednesdays on the IUBMB social media.


Read about their experiences

Our newest program, Relocation Support for Displaced Trainees, supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows displaced from their labs because of natural disasters, war, or other events beyond their control that interrupt their training. This programme provides financial support of up to US $2000 for trainees to relocate to a new host lab to continue their research. Applications will be reviewed immediately upon receipt and decisions will be made within one week. For trainees displaced from labs in the Ukraine, here are lists of institutions/labs prepared to accepted displaced students. 

·         EMBO Solidarity list – A list of life scientists across Europe and beyond offering to host Ukrainian researchers in their labs

·         #ScienceForUkraine

·         Global Research Groups Supporting Ukrainian Scientists

If your lab is able to host a displaced student, consider submitting information in one of the above websites.